Draining table manual

Ergonomically production of curd blocks by manual draining and pre-pressing curd. When the process in the cheese vat is finished, the mix of curd and whey is fed to the drainage table via gravity or curd pump. Through the perforated walls in the drainage table, the whey can flow away leaving curds.

To further separate whey and curd, manual press plates are placed on the curd bed. Due to the weight of the press plates, the curd bed is pre-pressed after which the curd blocks can be cut to the desired size.

Draining table manual

  • Ergonomic working height
  • Efficient drainage of the curd
  • Manual pre-pressing of the curd
  • Variation in curd bed size possible
  • No on-site compressed air or electricity required
  • Curd block knives available in different sizes
  • Cheese tray to be used earlier for a new batch
  • Robust and mobile design

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