Flow-through pasteurizer

Continuous pasteurization of larger quantities of liquids such as milk for cheese or yogurt, for example. The liquid is heated to the desired temperature and stays in an endurance heater for a certain period of time after which it is cooled back to the ideal temperature for further processing.

Flow-through pasteurizers of C. van ‘t Riet Zuiveltechnologie B.V. are produced with components of renowned brands and meet the highest standards. It is an energy-efficient system for different capacities of liquids, each with its own specification.

Flow-through pasteurizer

  • Balance tank
  • Frequency controlled product pump
  • Safety secured in process control
  • Completely available as a skid
  • Heat exchanger (plates or tube-in-tube)
  • Large heat recovery / energy savings
  • Heating to 72°C or higher as desired
  • Duration heater for 20 sec. or longer as desired
  • Extra long duration heater for yogurt milk (300 sec.)
  • Divert valve for security of pasteurization process
  • After-cool and after-warm capability
  • Temperature recording according to standards
  • 3A finishing possible
  • Cleaning by circulation of complete system
  • Configurable to available heating capacity
  • Safety secured in process control
  • Completely available as a skid
  • Remote support
  • Standalone cleaning program

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