Cheesemaking in container Eikelenboom

Since November 2020, Family Eikelenboom started making cheese, on their own property and from the milk of their own cows. The cheese is made in the Cheese Room, an all-in cheese making and storage facility in a 40ft Container owned by C. van ‘t Riet.

Eikelenboom Dairy Farm

Eikelenboom dairy farm is a family farm in the Abbenbroek polder. Bart and José took over the dairy farm from Bart’s parents in 2014. Since the takeover, they can still regularly be found on the farm helping with the most common work. In addition to dairy cows and associated young stock, breeding sheep are also present on the farm and nature management is done.

Making Cheese in a Sea Container

”The Cheese Room” is a complete Cheese Room in a 40 ft. Container. It can be placed anywhere on your yard. A few connections and you are ready to make your own Cheese. We also have the ability to produce a Yogurt Container or Butter Container for you.

  • Cheese maker
  • Cheese Press
  • Brine in polyester tank
  • Cheese storage with air conditioning for optimum temperature
  • Sink for cleaning
  • Soaking tray for the cheese molds
  • Hygiene lock for entry into cheese factory

Press here for our virtual tour of the Cheese Factory!


C. van 't Riet Zuiveltechnologie B.V. provides a total package in the field of dairy preparation