The Mèkkerstee

The Mèkkerstee is a true family business. In 2001, Piet den Hertog started a care farm with 75 goats, a small barn and a simple cheese-making operation. Since then, De Mèkkerstee has grown to a modern barn with 650 happy goats.

In addition to day care for about 65 enthusiastic employees, a restaurant and a professional, extensive cheese dairy with beautiful machinery and a large production area are run.


The cheese of The Mèkkerstee is made according to its own unique recipe where the cheesemakers, when making a new cheese do not go over beaten paths and a top quality cheese is created. Consequently, this has led to several award-winning cheeses, nationally and internationally. The passion for cheese making lies in making specialties; think about the use of herbs, cheese with a special milk or a different fat-protein content.


Products supplied and installed by C. van ‘t Riet Zuiveltechnologie B.V:

  • Flow pasteurizer
  • Curd wash water unit
  • Cheese vat closed
  • Curd pump
  • Draining table automatic
  • Cheese press pneumatic
  • Brine bath
  • Brine cage

C. van 't Riet Zuiveltechnologie B.V. provides a total package in the field of dairy preparation