Cheese vat open round

Artisanal preparation of curd in an open round tub. The three-walled stainless steel cheese vat has a high-quality, food-safe finish and features proper temperature control to produce the world’s best curds.

The cheese vat is on wheels and is tiltable via manual or pneumatic controls for easy draining and cleaning. The agitator, which is simple yet optimally operated via the control box, ensures proper mixing and cutting of the curd. This cheese vat is the solution for curd preparation down to the smallest detail and available in capacities from 120 to 2,500 liters.

Artisanal Curd Preparation with Cheese Vat

Cheese vat open round

  • Capacity 120 to 2500 liters
  • Ability to pasteurize
  • Fast heating and cooling through spray piping system
  • Temperature measurement via sensor in bottom of cheese vat
  • Milk can be kept refrigerated
  • Mobile
  • Intuitive button operation
  • Option – operation via touchscreen
  • Low maintenance
  • 3A certified finish
  • Agitator is movable
  • Solid/quality product
  • Value retention through use of durable materials
  • Customer-specific configuration by available energy source

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