Brine bath

With a brine bath, larger batches of cheese can be brined simultaneously in a relatively small floor space. C. van ‘t Riet Zuiveltechnologie B.V. supplies stainless steel 316 and plastic deep brine baths. In addition, it is also possible to create a concrete deep well in or on your floor.

The brine tank is filled with brine cages containing cheeses so that they remain entirely under the brine. An electric hoist can be used to lift the brine cages in and out of the brine.

Brine bath

  • Produced to customer specifications
  • Underground and above ground
  • 316 stainless steel more resistant to corrosion
  • Available with electric hoist
  • Manual turning of cheeses during brining not required
  • Optional brine conditioning system
  • Brine cooling possible

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