Cheese molds

The cheeses take their final shape in the cheese mold. Pressing the curd into the cheese mold with sufficient pressure closes the rind. There are many different cheese molds for both hard and soft cheeses.

Cheese molds from Kadova / Sonoco are mostly used for traditional Gouda cheeses. The special netting makes the cheese molds easy to clean and convenient to use. In addition to Kadova cheese molds, we also supply microperforated cheese molds from Laude and Busqui.

Cheese molds

Kadova / Sonoco:

  • Easy cheese turning through the vat net
  • Suitable for authentic process
  • Rounding and/or circulating in the forms without vat net
  • Cleaning / soaking at low temperature

Micro-perforated cheese molds:

  • Cheese does not need to be turned
  • Suitable for authentic and automatic process
  • Multiple shapes in a cassette possible
  • Cleaning / high temperature rinsing

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