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C. van ’t Riet Dairy equipment manufactures dairy equipment custom for your industry. We can supply you with stand-alone equipment like a Batch pasteuriser or milk receiving units. But also complete installations for the processing of milk.
For more information please find the products below:

  • Milk reception unit,
  • Batch pasteuriser,
  • Flow pasteuriser,
  • Separator,
  • Bactofuge,
  • Homogeniser,
  • Fermentation vessel,
  • Closed cheese vat,
  • Double O cheese vat,
  • Olblong cheese vat,
  • Round cheese vat,
  • Automatic drainage container,
  • Cheese press,
  • Column cheese press,
  • Tunnel cheese press,
  • Cheese moulds,
  • Milk pump,
  • Whey pump,
  • Brining system,
  • Filling machine

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